Event Period: 6.5 - 6.5 UTC

1stDaily Pang-wheel Event

Once a day! 100% chance to win!
All Bung O Pang NFT holders are eligible to participate.

Available Chances
- time(s)
My Daily Points (1st)
How to Participate
Visit the Pang Wheel event page every day > Log in with wallet > Press either SPIN x1 or SPIN ALL
Bung O Pang NFT holders (However, holders who have not revealed their NFTs cannot participate.)
How to Redeem Points
You can receive an automatic refund to XPLA for the points accumulated during the 1st event from May 4th to Jun. 2nd (30 days) and the 2nd event from Jun. 3rd to Jul. 2nd (30 days) two weeks later (e.g., 1st refund in June, 2nd refund in July). * 1,000 points = 1 XPLA
XPLA will be given after you enter the personal information and complete the confirmation process if you are subject to paying taxes and other public charges.Please refer to the below.
Multiple Holder Benefit
You can spin the wheel according to the no. of NFTs you own.(There are SPIN x1 and SPIN ALL buttons.)
- Own 1 - 2 NFTs: 1 spin chance
- Own 3 - 6 NFTs: 2 spin chances
- Own 7 - 13 NFTs: 4 spin chances
- Own 14 or more NFTs: 8 spin chances
Tier Benefits
The point booster given based on the Bung O Pang NFT grade is as follows:
Bungshin NFT Benefits
This benefit can be stacked up with the tier benefits.
2. Recovery Chance

* The number of times you can spin the wheel for missed participation dates will be restored automatically.
It’s a special benefit that automatically restores 4 spin chances per round.(* You can spin 4 times per round)
Bungshin NFT recovery chance recharges the following round.

Not a
Bung O Pang NFT holder

Buy Bung O Pang

Pang-wheel Point Status

Total Point History

Refunded PointsIt is calculated on the last day of each month and is a cumulative.
Refunded XPLAXPLA refunds are completed at the beginning of each month and are cumulative.

Point History By Round

Daily Points (1st)
Daily Points (2nd)

My Daily Point StatusAvailable up to 6 months.

Available after logging in.


  • Your event participation may be limited if you are under 19 or have not registered for an X-PLANET wallet.
  • You will not be eligible for event benefits if you participate in the event through abnormal or fraudulent means.
  • Depending on our circumstances, this event may be postponed or canceled; we will notify you in advance. (Not applicable for users who have met the conditions beforehand)
  • The wheel participation count is automatically reset and given each day at 12:00 AM UTC. When all chances to participate have been used, you cannot spin the wheel anymore.
  • The quantity and type of Bung O Pang NFT contained in the wallet are immediately counted when navigating to the Pang Wheel page.
  • In order to check, you must have Bung O Pang and a god of Bung O Pang NFT in your X-PLANET wallet.
  • Your accumulated points will be reset during the refund process.(e.g., Accumulated points during 1st event → Reset during 2nd event)
  • Points will be automatically converted to XPLA (XPLANET will pay gas fees).

[Taxes and Fees]

  • If the value of the traded points exceeds KRW 50,000, XPLA is paid after deducting 22% for taxes and utility costs. Points can be exchanged 30 days after the event.
  • A different personal information collection procedure might be necessary in the case of taxpayers.
  • The processing of governmental charges and taxes may cause a delay in the XPLA conversion payment for taxpayers who are liable to them.
  • Information will be automatically paid as XPLA, which is within the tax if it is not submitted during the information collection period for tax processing.(Information collection period = 3 days after each event ends / e.g., 1st event ends on Jun. 2nd → Information can be submitted until Jun. 5th)

[About Bungshin NFT]

  • If you have more than one Bungshin NFT, only the benefits of the highest tier are applicable.
  • Bungshin NFTs are not overlapped (for instance, two Bungshin NFTs in possession have a 50%+50% = 100%X ratio).
  • Please be cautious while buying Bungshin NFT when trading on the Dex market, as the recovery chance may have already been used up.

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