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[DOF #6] Dream of the Water Lily
[DOF #6] Dream of the Water Lily / DOF
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The lotus flower, which blooms in July, has the meanings of a pure heart, innocence, and mystery. The word '수련' in Korean is used to describe 'dozing off' or 'sleep.'

 It is called '수련' because it blooms in the morning, gently closes its petals in the evening, and goes to sleep.

In ancient times, a goddess had three lovely and beautiful daughters. 

One day, the goddess called her daughters and asked about their aspirations. The eldest said, 'My wish is to protect the water.

' The second daughter said, 'I will live according to the divine order.

' The youngest said, 'I will follow the orders of the gods and our mother.' As a result, the eldest daughter became the goddess of the sea, the second daughter became the mistress of the straits, and the youngest became the goddess of the pond. 

When summer came, the youngest daughter bloomed as a beautiful flower, which is now known as the lotus. Therefore, the lotus is often called the 'water nymph.'

Accompanying the lotus in the drawing is a waterfowl called the '물닭' (duck). It is a common bird found in Korean ponds, and I drew it because I have personally seen this bird in a pond full of lotus flowers. 

The 물닭 has an amazing ability to hop and move around on the water's surface.

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