Event Period: (1st) 7.24 - 7.24 UTC

빛의 계승자: 이클립스 빛의 룰렛 1st

Win with a guaranteed chance once a day!
Anyone can participate as long as you're a Light Wheel Event NFT holder!

Available Spins
- time(s)
My Daily Point
How to Participate
Access the Light Wheel Event Page > Log in to the wallet > Use the Spin All Button on the event page
Heir of Light: Eclipse NFT holders Servant Collection Vol. 1,2,Final holders
How to get point refunds
The collected points during Round 1 7.24-7.24(47 days) will be automatically refunded to XPLA 2 weeks after the round ends.
- 1,000pts = 1 XPLA
- However, if you are subject to taxes and fees, refunds will be made after entering personal information and confirming the refund. Please refer to the precautions below.
Participation Count Details
Depending on the number of NFT holdings, the number of time is can participate on the 'Wheel of Light'will be applied.
- For each Servant Collection Vol. 1,2,Final NFT you own, you can participate once.
- However, the maximum number of participations per day is limited to 15 times.
- Please take note that if you own more than 15 NFTs and participate, all remaining NFTs over 15 will also be marked as used.
- e.g.) If you hold 20 Servant Collection Vol. 1 NFTs, you can participate in the 'Wheel of Light' 15 times, and the remaining 5 NFTs will also be used.
Faction Benefit
The 'Wheel of Light' points booster will be calculated based on the highest power value among the NFTs you hold.Booster Details
FactionPurifier, Dominator,
Protector, Immortal
Church of the Morning Star,
Dark Blood
Church of the Morning Star (Gold)
& Dark Blood (Velvet)
Point Booster x4 x16 x30
Servant per Faction
Faction CategoryServant Name
Church of the Morning Star (Gold)
& Dark Blood (Velvet)
Odette (Gold), Friede (Gold), Ophelia (Gold), Nuu (Gold), Celestial Sphinx (Gold), Lightless Heylel (Gold)
Letum (Velvet), Dementia (Velvet), The Executioner (Velvet), Blavatsky (Velvet), Zeus (Velvet), Ignis (Velvet)
Church of the Morning StarOdette, Friede, Ophelia, Nuu, Celestial Sphinx, Lightless Heylel
Dark BloodLetum, Dementia, The Executioner, Blavatsky, Zeus, Ignis
PurifierHeide, Ezebell, Teresia, Hopkins, Lucrecia, Mist, Norene, Ella, Nua, Heylel, Lenore
DominatorBjörn, Demian, Gottorp, Scar, Robert, Xita, Grisette, Shamir, Sinistra, Broken Wings - Sphinx, Rem
ProtectorMary, Rhamaan, Mabel, Skadi, Eir, Phantom Lucien, Yarane, Miya, Mildred, Midge, Koume
ImmortalAnkou, Caesar, Aria, Simone, Spiegel, Hern, Belladonnas, Laura, Christine, Leto, Carmilla
Bung O Pang Tycoon
NFT Holder Benefit
- 400% bonus points will be added to the wheel result if you're a Bung O Pang Tycoon NFT holder.
- e.g.) Purifier NFT + Bung O Pang NFT = Point x8, Dark Blood NFT + Bung O Pang NFT = Point x20, Gold NFT + Bung O Pang NFT = Point x34
- Bung O Pang PFP NFT is used only to provide bonus points when Eclipse NFT is in possession and won't count towards the wheel count.
Applied only to 1 Bung O Pang and won't be applied duplicately.

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Wheel Point Status

Total Points

Refunded PointsTallied after the round ends. Accumulated.
Refunded XPLATallied after the round ends. Accumulated.

Point Status per Round

Round 2 Points

My Daily Point Acquisition StatusAvailable to search up to 6 months

Available after logging in.

Light Wheel Precautions

  • You may not be able to participate in the event if you're under the age of 19 and/or if you didn't sign up for the wallet.
  • You'll be excluded from the event benefits if you participate in the event with abnormal/unfair methods.
  • The event is subject to change or the event may be paused due to company circumstances and you'll be notified in advance with a notice. (Users who meet the prior condition excluded)
  • The wheel count will reset every day at 12am UTC and the count will be granted automatically. You won't be able to spin the wheel when you use up all event counts.
  • The Servant Collection Vol.1,2,Final NFT of Heir of Light: Eclipse NFT must be possessed inside the wallet when you enter the wheel event page to view the event page.
  • In order to check, you must have The Servant Collection Vol.1,2,Final NFT of Heir of Light: Eclipse NFT in your X-PLANET wallet.
  • The accumulated points will be reset when the refund process begins. (e.g.: 1st accumulated points -> resets when the 2nd round begins.)
  • Points will be converted to XPLA automatically. (The gas price will be covered by X-PLANET.)
  • If you delete your account from the market at the time of payment request after the event ends, you will not be eligible for payment. (Only applicable to market account deletion)

[Taxes and Fees Details]

  • You can exchange your points about 2 weeks after the event ends, and if the value exceeds 50,000 KRW, XPLA will be paid after deducting 22% of taxes and fees.
  • If you are subject to taxes and fees, you may go through a separate personal information collection process.
  • XPLA conversion payment may be delayed due to processing of taxes and fees for those subject to taxes and fees.
  • If you do not submit information during the information collection period for processing taxes and fees, only the XPLA amount that doesn't require taxes and fees will be paid out.

[Bung O Pang PFP NFT Details]

  • Even if you hold multiple Bung O Pang PFP NFTs, the benefits are applied only once with the lowest serial number Bung O Pang NFT
  • Bung O Pang PFP NFTs not revealed won't be counted for the benefit.

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