The Fellowship : Beginning Of The End In Chicago (NFT 이름 제목으로 넣는 곳!!!)

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Heir of Light: Eclipse
Heir of Light: Eclipse
Heir of Light: Eclipse Servant Collection Final
Heir of Light: Eclipse Servant Collection Final / Heir of Light: Eclipse
0 / 100
Sale Start Date (UTC)
07-01-2024 09:00
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■ Offer Details
The Heir ventures forth on yet another long journey, determined to rescue two worlds on the brink of collapse.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to own different Servants, who are companions in this grand adventure, as part of your NFT collection!
Servant Collection Final is an exclusive collection commemorating the XPLA integration with Heir of Light: Eclipse.
For more information on NFT perks, roadmaps, events, and more, visit our official Brand Page, Discord, and X.


■ Availability
🛒 Sale Period: July 1st 09:00 - July 30st 00:00 (UTC)


■ Major Perks
🎁 Check out the Servant Collection NFT Perks:

🎁 the game item coupon includes a random game character and 1000 carats.

🎁 60XPLA for The first 30 purchasers, and the remaining 70 purchasers gets 30 XPLA awards for purchasing an NFT. And the XPLA is scheduled to be sent on August.

🎁 The Wheel Event with XPLA rewards is LIVE!


■ Official Channels
🚀 Download Heir of Light: Eclipse: 
🚀 Heir of Light: Eclipse Official Brand Page: 
🚀 Heir of Light: Eclipse Official X: 
🚀 Heir of Light: Eclipse Official Discord:


■ Important
📌 The Servant Collection Final NFT comprises 56 Servants, making up a total of 100 NFTs across the collection. When you purchase an NFT, one out of the 100 will be randomly obtained. However, please note that sold-out Servants will no longer be available.
📌 Servant Collection Final NFTs are not available for in-game use within Heir of Light: Eclipse.
📌 Upon the first purchase or acquisition of an NFT from the Servant Collection Final, you'll receive a separate coupon for an in-game item. You can find the coupon code by navigating to My Collection > Servant NFT > [Copy Coupon Code].
📌 Coupon Details:

📌 The game item coupon includes a random game character and 1000 carats.
📌 Secondary transactions of a Servant Collection Final NFT can be conducted on the X-PLANET Marketplace. Please note that the coupon code won’t be available if this item is involved in a secondary transaction.
📌 Please note that the in-game Servant Coupons that come with the Gold and Velvet NFTs are of the same type as those included with other NFTs in the collection. For example, obtaining a Gold Friede NFT will grant you a coupon code to recruit Friede in the game, just like any other coupon would offer its corresponding Servant.
📌 The coupon code for an in-game item provided when purchasing Gold & Velvet NFTs is identical to the one provided when purchasing standard NFTs.
📌 For more details on Servant Collection Final, please check out the brand page or our official Discord channel.
📌 The coupon code expires on Dec. 31, 2025.





Item Detailed Info
No. of Drops: 1
Total Issued Qty: 100
Purchase Limit: MAX 10 per person
Available Period for Purchase: 07-01-2024 09:00 (UTC) ~ 07-31-2024 00:00 (UTC)
Creator: Com2us Holdings & FunFlow