The Fellowship : Beginning Of The End In Chicago (NFT 이름 제목으로 넣는 곳!!!)

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[XPLANET 1st Anniversary NFT] Lucky STAR (AirDrop EVENT Part3)
[XPLANET 1st Anniversary NFT] Lucky STAR (AirDrop EVENT Part3) / XPLANET 1st
0 / 365
Sale Start Date (UTC)
04-04-2024 09:00
remaining period
Purchase Condition
  • Items Given with Coupon
Item Description


 X-PLANET 1st Anniversary Special, Catch the Lucky Star! 


The first event will begin on Mar. 7th. Get 2x rewards with the Bung O Pang Wheel Event which will begin on Mar. 15th when you get the Lucky Star NFT!

 You'll also get 100 XPLA if you get the lucky serial number.


 A total of 10 winners among those who failed to get the lucky number will be selected to win the coupon for the new NFT item that'll be released in the first-half of this year. Please read below for more info. 



■3rd Lucky Number




※ Please Note ※

 - Coupon Code: xplanet0316c


- The coupon can be used once per account, and coupon codes cannot be entered once 365 coupons are claimed. 

- Secondary trading of held NFTs is only possible through the X-PLANET Marketplace.


Item Detailed Info
No. of Drops: 1
Total Issued Qty: 365
Purchase Limit: MAX 1 per person
Available Period for Purchase: 04-04-2024 09:00 (UTC) ~ 04-08-2024 09:00 (UTC)
Creator: Com2us Platform