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[MESS ZONE] 35th Anniversary Fan Meeting Ticket (SIR KAULER)
[MESS ZONE] 35th Anniversary Fan Meeting Ticket (SIR KAULER) / Flashman
24 / 30
Sale Start Date (UTC)
01-04-2024 13:00
remaining period
Item Description

<This Product can only be purchased in Korea>


ⓒ TOEI COMPANY, LTD. All Rights Reserved.
This fan meeting was arranged following the official licensing contract with the original company, Toei Company of Japan.

This product is a general ticket (MESS ZONE)(SIR KAULER) for the 35th anniversary fan meeting of Choushinsei Flashman in Korea.


■ MESS ZONE (SIR KAULER) Seating Chart


- This image may not accurately represent the seat; it is only intended to help with comprehension when making a reservation.
- All seats for this event will be reserved in accordance with the NFT serial number on the fan meeting ticket.
- Kindly make sure you watch from the seat that corresponds to your serial number and don't move around the performance hall from seat to seat other than your own.
- Certain zones/seats may have visibility issues because of things like guardrails, stage equipment, camera placement, visitor height variations, etc.




■ 35th Anniversary Fan Meeting Introduction
At last, our renowned heroes will arrive in Korea!
<Choushinsei Flashman Korean Release 35th Anniversary Fan Meeting>


The 35th anniversary of Choushinsei Flashman's Korean release in 2024 is being celebrated with this fan meeting.
This unique fan gathering is being arranged in cooperation with Toei Company, the original creator.


Together, let's create enduring memories!


■ General Ticket Benefits
- 35th anniversary ticket card (The ticket card is used as an entry ticket to the fan meeting and has a unique serial number.)
- 35th anniversary ticket card acrylic holder
- 35th anniversary official light stick
- 35th anniversary official Poster
- Through a lottery, the actors' autographed Polaroid photos will be presented (7 people)
- A chance to take group photographs with actors (7 actors and 1 fan) (100 attendees of the fan meeting will be selected at random, and the actors will personally draw serial numbers at the event.)
- A chance to enter a prize drawing at the on-site fan meeting event






■ Choushinsei Flashman Korean Release 35th Anniversary Special Fan Meeting Details
- Schedule: Apr. 20th, 2024 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (120 minutes)
※ The VIP exclusive autograph event will continue after the fan meeting ends.
- Venue: Sky Art Hall (B1-2F, 65 Hwagok-ro 63-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul)
- Casts: Tota Tarumi, Kihachiro Uemura, Yasuhiro Ishiwata, Mayumi Yoshida,
Sayoko Hagiwara, Yuko Kojima, Miyuki Nagato and Secret Guest



■ 35th Anniversary Fan Meeting Event Details
- Fans can look forward to a number of events in addition to unique chances to interact with actors!


① A fan event featuring retro music!
- Starting with the official theme song, we have a unique song that wasn't included in the OST.
At the fan meeting location, take in a memorable performance with the actors and fans.


② An opportunity to view the official costume up close and personal!
- Arriving in Korea is the official Choushinsei Flashman costume that was specially rented for this fan meeting event from Toei Company.
On location, meet actors donning authentic Flashman costumes.


③ A chance to win a prize draw for a special event!
You will automatically be entered into an event where you can win a special prize when you purchase a ticket for the fan meeting.
On-site selection of winners and special gifts will take place.
We would especially like you to look forward to a special limited edition booklet that flashinbox has prepared for you as a gift.


④ HERA STUDIO X Jingbirok fan meeting special exhibition
- At the fan meeting location, you can view a variety of collectibles, such as helmets and costumes from the real Red Flash filming!
Plus, have an opportunity to view unique custom pieces that have never been seen before.


■ Ticket Pickup and Entry Details
- Beginning with the front seat, seats are assigned according to NFT serial numbers. (Unlike other products, the order of purchase determines the serial number assigned to this one.)
- Merch, such as tickets for the fan meeting, will be given out at the venue beginning two hours before the event.
- To confirm your identity, an ID verification procedure might be carried out on the spot.
- 30 minutes prior to the fan meeting, admission to the audience is open. Please arrive ten minutes before the event to ensure a seamless fan meeting experience. (However, based on the circumstances on-site, it might alter.)
- Any behavior that disrupts audience flow, law and order, or safety within or outside the performance space may face severe repercussions from the personnel.
- Food and drink (apart from bottled water) may not be brought into the concert hall, and anything that might obstruct others' view or fan meeting activities (like big headbands, lasers, flower arrangements, etc.) may be prohibited.
- For any reason, spectators without a ticket card are not allowed entry.
- You won't be able to replace your lost fan meeting ticket card or get inside the venue.


■ Safety Measures for Filming and Viewing
- It is not permitted to take pictures, record videos, broadcast live on social media, or record during this fan meeting event. (Different times for filming availability will be announced on location.)
- The staff members have the right to strongly penalize any conduct that obstructs the view of other audience members or significantly disrupts the performance.
- The performance's host or organizer as well as the location are not liable for any loss or theft brought on by user negligence.
- It is strictly forbidden to get too close to the actors' movements during the fan meet, including meeting them in person and asking for pictures and autographs both before and after.


■ Transportation

<Parking Information>
- Underground parking lot (basement 3rd floor to basement 6th floor) at Yewon Church Remnant Cultural Center
- We highly recommend you use public transportation on the day of the performance as there will be heavy traffic and lengthy parking.
- Please be aware that any delays in viewing caused by traffic or parking restrictions are your responsibility.

<Public Transportation>
- Subway: Take Line 9 out of Gayang Station and use exits 8 and 10.
- Bus: General bus (60, 60-3, 69, 88b) / Blue bus (601, 605, 654, N26)


- At the fan meeting venue, the NFT and serial number will be verified before fan meeting-related items, such as ticket cards, are distributed.
- Serial numbers are provided in a sequential order when purchasing a bundle; however, they might not be separated based on the designated seat.
- Please buy this fan meeting ticket carefully as the NFT serial number and assigned seat are confirmed at the time of purchase and cannot be canceled or refunded.


Item Detailed Info
No. of Drops: 1
Total Issued Qty: 30
Purchase Limit: MAX 4 per person
Available Period for Purchase: 01-04-2024 13:00 (UTC) ~ 04-20-2024 05:00 (UTC)
Creator: Toei Company