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[DOF #8] Dream of Pear blossom
[DOF #8] Dream of Pear blossom / DOF
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10-04-2023 03:00
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August's folk flower is the pear blossom. The pear blossom symbolizes wisdom, noble and good politics, and represents a virtuous scholar.
Although pear blossoms typically bloom in spring, we have placed them in the scenery of a midsummer night in August as the heat of this summer is scorching.


With their pure white petals, pear blossoms have been celebrated in poetry and songs for their beauty throughout history.

 Here is an excerpt from one such poem:


Beneath the pear tree's bloom so divine,
as a gentle breeze weaves a scene so fine,
in the air, they dance like snowflakes, so light,
on the earth, they're waves, a mesmerizing sight.
Midst pear blossoms, merriment runs free,
yet my door remains closed, just for me.
In leisure, my soul finds a deep, warm embrace,
forgetting to speak, I rest in this tranquil space.

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