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[DOF #7] Dream of Gladiolus
[DOF #7] Dream of Gladiolus / DOF
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Gladiolus, the flower of August, symbolizes secret, imagination, thought, and strength.
Gladiolus is derived from the Latin word ""gladius,"" a short sword Roman legionnaires used.



Long ago, there was a cruel king who had a kind-hearted princess. 

However, the princess was frail and bedridden, her health deteriorating day by day. 

When the princess knew her time was near, she gave her father two perfume bottles and made him promise never to open them. 

She also asked him to bury them with her when she died. After some time, when the princess passed away, the king instructed the princess' maid to bury the perfume bottles next to the princess's grave. 

However, unable to resist her curiosity, the maid opened one of the bottles. To her shock, all the fragrance from the bottle flew away. 

The maid, acting as if nothing happened, buried the two perfume bottles beside the princess's grave. 

Two plants grew the following spring in the spot where the perfume bottles had been buried, eventually producing beautiful flowers. 

However, one of the plants had a lovely fragrance, while the other had no scent. 

The king soon realized that the maid had opened one of the bottles, and in his anger, he swiftly beheaded her. 

Strangely, the scentless flower's color changed to blood red, and its petals turned as sharp as the king's sword. 

It is said that the fragrant flower is lily, while the red flower that has lost its scent is called gladiolus.

The background of Gladiolus represents the place one desires to visit the most during the summer: the sea.

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