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Pet Magazine heymari X Gibok Donation Project
Pet Magazine heymari X Gibok Donation Project / heymari
Sale Start Date (UTC)
08-10-2023 03:00
remaining period
Item Description

Special donation project with heymari, a pet magazine, and a global K-Pop platform MyMusicTaste!
The first donation project is with Gibok, a dog of Kim Hee-chul.


[Pet Magazine heymari X Gibok Donation Project]



■ About the Project
This project is a special donation project involving K-Pop artists' pets,
collaborated with heymari, a pet magazine, and MyMusicTaste, a global K-pop platform.


A portion of the sales revenue will be donated to the "Wemarket Welfare Cooperative,"
and it will be used to support campaigns for abandoned dogs.


■ About heymari
heymari is a specialized pet magazine tailored for pets.

It was created by Big Friends Co., Ltd., the operator of the TV broadcasting channel "Dog TV," which is designed for dogs,
and ADUP Co., Ltd., a digital platform specialist based on IoT technology.


heymari is making efforts to provide high-quality information and customized content that is essential for both pets and pet owners,
aiming to promote and establish a pet culture.


■ Korea Society of Caricaturist Artists
It is a non-profit exchange organization with professional and amateur caricature artists in South Korea.
Its goal is to promote a culture where people who love caricatures can voluntarily participate, exchange ideas, and enjoy caricatures together with the public.


Artists from the Korean Society of Caricaturist Artists created art pieces featuring Gibok for the heymari X Gibok Donation Project.


■ About Gibok, Kim Hee-chul's Dog
Do you know the movie "The Mask" starring Jim Carrey?
At first, I thought Gibok was the same breed as the dog in that movie, Milo, a Jack Russell Terrier.

However, I went to a vet with him when he was a puppy to find out that he wasn't exactly a Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell Terrier or not, it doesn't matter.

He's just my baby!


■ Benefit
- heymari Donation Certificate NFT


※ Notes ※
- When purchasing a pack, one of the 25 types of artwork will be randomly dropped.
- The donation certificate NFT coupon code will be sent to the email address registered with X-PLANET after the sale ends.
This product is non-refundable after purchase.
- Secondary trading of held limited edition UNI-Q digital photocards is only possible through the X-PLANET Marketplace.

Item Detailed Info
No. of Drops: 1
Total Issued Qty: 500
Purchase Limit: MAX 500 per person
Available Period for Purchase: 08-10-2023 03:00 (UTC) ~ 10-31-2023 03:00 (UTC)
Creator: heymari