The Fellowship : Beginning Of The End In Chicago (NFT 이름 제목으로 넣는 곳!!!)

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[DOF #5] Dream of the water Lliy
[DOF #5] Dream of the water Lliy / DOF
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07-28-2023 03:00
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Artist's Statement: In the painting, the lotus flower, representing July, is much larger and its flowers and leaves extend far above the water compared to the water lily. The lotus symbolizes creativity, blooming amidst adversity, femininity, and genius.

It is associated with July and summer, signifying a serene and clean spirit that remains pure even in the mud. The lotus also represents the nobility of scholars due to its cleanliness despite growing in muddy water.

The rice plant, depicted alongside the lotus, symbolizes descendants and abundance, representing a comfortable and prosperous life.

The small holes in the rice plant are believed to hold treasures, symbolizing wealth and abundance. May the artwork bring prosperity and good fortune to those who possess it.

The dragon depicted together with the lotus resembles a carp with one horn on its head. It represents a carp swimming upstream and transforming into a dragon, symbolizing past achievements and success in imperial examinations.

It is said to be the origin of the term "Entrance Examination System."

While thinking of an animal to accompany the lotus, I found the dragon intriguing and decided to add it to the painting as it adds a sense of novelty and excitement.

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