The Fellowship : Beginning Of The End In Chicago (NFT 이름 제목으로 넣는 곳!!!)

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Reborn Rich
Reborn Rich
Limited Edition Chairman Jin Yang-Cheol Autobiography
Limited Edition Chairman Jin Yang-Cheol Autobiography / Reborn Rich
87 / 100
Sale Start Date (UTC)
07-20-2023 02:00
remaining period
Purchase Condition
  • Items Given with Coupon
Item Description

■ Event Period
2023.07.26 ~07.31

If you purchase more than one limited edition emblem of <SoonYang Group> during the event, you will receive an NFT as a gift.


Limited Edition Emblem of <Soonyang Group> from Reborn Rich


■ Coupon Shipment Date


■ Product Introduction
This product is an NFT autobiography containing the untold story of Chairman Jin Yang-Cheol, the founder of the Soonyang Group. 

You will receive up to four recovery chances if you own this NFT and participate in the Miracle Wheel event.


※ Note ※
- The coupon code can only be used once per account.
- Secondary trading of the owned product is only available through the X-PLANET Marketplace.

Item Detailed Info
No. of Drops: 1
Total Issued Qty: 100
Purchase Limit: MAX 1 per person
Available Period for Purchase: 07-20-2023 02:00 (UTC) ~ 08-30-2023 15:00 (UTC)
Creator: 유한회사 재벌집막내아들문화산업전문회사