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[OWOM #2] Tearing RoboEye
[OWOM #2] Tearing RoboEye
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06-27-2023 03:00
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"Tearing Roboeye" is the second artwork in the "Journey into the Masterpieces" collection. 

This piece draws inspiration from Picasso's painting, "The Weeping Woman."


Picasso is famously known for his exploration of the female psyche. 

Therefore, in this artwork, names of women who were associated with Picasso's era have been used as references. 

Examples include the "Marie-Thérèse era" and the "Dora Maar era." The original painting that served as the inspiration for "Tearing Roboeye" is believed to depict a woman named Dora Maar.

Dora Maar possessed an intellectual yet highly neurotic personality and spent seven years with Picasso, shedding tears and experiencing the passage of time before ultimately ending her life through suicide. In the original painting, Picasso emphasized the tears by depicting her sadness as if contained within a dish, employing vivid contrasts to accentuate all the colors.


Similarly, in the artwork of Roboeye, a moment of childhood melancholy is portrayed. 

The character remains unaware of the joys that lie beyond the corner of the wall as they continue to grow.


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