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[DOF #2] Dreams of Magnolia
[DOF #2] Dreams of Magnolia
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In Korean folk painting, the magnolia is designated as the flower of May. While magnolias typically bloom in early spring, they are interpreted symbolically in the realm of folk painting.

Folk painting allows for conceptual and symbolic expressions, thus selecting magnolias as the flower of May has a deeper meaning within this art form.

In Korean folk painting, the magnolia symbolizes the beauty and charm of women.

The elegant and noble magnolia blossoms perfectly embody the characteristics of beautiful women.

Additionally, I have included a bird called the Baekdujo in my painting.

When birds and flowers are depicted together in a painting, it is called "Hwajodo" and symbolizes prosperity, longevity, as well as hopes for success in examinations or promotions.

Furthermore, the Baekdujo is portrayed as a pair of male and female birds with black heads until they turn white, representing a harmonious union between spouses.

As such, the Baekdujo, being a bird that suits the season of marriage in May, has been added to the painting.

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