The Fellowship : Beginning Of The End In Chicago (NFT 이름 제목으로 넣는 곳!!!)

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Reborn Rich
Reborn Rich
Drama Reborn Rich: Soonyang Group Recruitment (Airdrop Event)
Drama Reborn Rich: Soonyang Group Recruitment (Airdrop Event)
0 / 3010
Sale Start Date (UTC)
04-05-2023 03:00
remaining period
Purchase Condition
  • Items Given with Coupon
Item Description

<Sooyang Group> Limited Edition Emblem Release Celebration! First come, first served!


■ Coupon number

※ The holders who received the coupon can enter the coupon number once more,
The coupon number can only be used once per account. (Can't enter when the remaining quantity is exhausted)


[Limited Edition Emblem of <Soonyang Group> from Reborn Rich] Click!


■ Soonyang Group's MEMBERSHIP benefits
- Special entertainment benefits exclusively for Soonyang Group holders!
Enjoy various benefits through holder-exclusive events in the holder-only community.


Benefit 1) You can receive benefits related to entertainment collections.
(Musical and theatrical invitations, movie stage greetings and reservations, idol showcase invitations, and others)
Benefit 2) When certain entertainment collection NFTs are issued, the holders will be prioritized for a whitelist.
Benefit 3) You can receive XPLA compensation benefits just by owning the NFT.
Benefit 4) You can get the actual props from the drama according to your grade.


■ Soonyang Group's Special MEMBERSHIP
- According to the rarity of the Soonyang Group's emblem, you can receive actual props of the drama "Reborn Rich."


■ Soonyang Group's Compensation
- Holders who hold the Soonyang Group emblem during the 2-month probationary period will receive a compensation of 10 XPLA each from the Soonyang Group HR team.


※ Please verify that you are a holder by completing the holder authentication process in our Discord channel after purchasing the emblem.

< Click! >


A special Soonyang Group Employment Certificate will be given to all who are applying for the Soonyang Group Recruitment.

Drama Reborn Rich: Soonyang Group Recruitment (Airdrop Event)


The Soonyang Group Employment Certificate will be given as a coupon code to those who apply for the recruitment.


■ Recruitment Sectors (3,000 people)
Soonyang Electronics/ Soonyang Construction/ Soonyang Insurance/ Soonyang Department Store/ Soonyang Hotel
/ Soonyang Medical Center/ Soonyang Human Resource Development Center/ Soonyang Hospital/ Soonyang Automobile/ Soonyang Card


■ Special Sector (10 people)
Miracle Investment


■ How to Apply
Press the application link below and enter to become a member of Soonyang Group!


Soonyang Group Recruitment (APPLY NOW)
※ Please see the link for more information on how to apply.


■ Recruitment Period
Apr. 5th 12:00 PM - Apr. 16th 12:00 PM KST


■ Coupon Distribution Date
Apr. 19th 12:00 PM KST


■ Soonyang Recruitment Special Benefits
- Soonyang Group employment certificate (1 out of 11 types given)
- 4/21 Pre-purchase whitelist benefits for the upcoming <Soonyang Group> limited edition emblem
- Actual props from the drama "Reborn Rich" + Prop certificate NFT with directors' digital signatures presented when owning an employment certificate of Miracle Investment (10 people/ random props)


Miracle Investment Oh Se-hyun business card (8 people)


Miracle Investment approval document holder (1 person)


Miracle Investment Oh Se-hyun nameplate (1 person)

※Please Read※
- When entering the coupon number, 1 employment certificate out of 3,010 will be randomly dropped.
- The employment certificate coupon number and <Soonyang Group> limited edition emblem pre-purchase link will be sent via email on Apr. 19th at 12:00 PM KST.
- Drama props and prop certificate NFTs will be delivered in bulk after this sale ends. (To be announced separately)

  • - The delivery of drama props is limited to Korea.
    - The secondary transaction of the holding NFT is only possible through the Decentralized Market of the X-PLANET Marketplace.
Item Detailed Info
No. of Drops: 1
Total Issued Qty: 3010
Purchase Limit: MAX 5 per person
Available Period for Purchase: 04-05-2023 03:00 (UTC) ~ 06-30-2023 03:00 (UTC)
Creator: 유한회사 재벌집막내아들문화산업전문회사