The Fellowship : Beginning Of The End In Chicago (NFT 이름 제목으로 넣는 곳!!!)

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[MPBG #3] The Wizard of the Forest
[MPBG #3] The Wizard of the Forest / MPBG (Master Polar Bear Game World Series)
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Sale Start Date (UTC)
03-28-2023 03:00
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Item Description

I have decided to travel to a truly unique place beyond time and space. A place with its own independent ecosystem and culture, where vibrant stories are created - all within a game world. I arrived here hoping to find a special clue to save the future of the Arctic.

Having transcended reality and crossed several dimensions, I have finally arrived at a place that is...

Am I seeing things? The path leading out of the forest seems to keep changing. Thank goodness for the moonlight... I might have bumped into the same tree hundreds of times by now.

Earlier, strange creatures had emerged from the ground and I had to run away from them. Now, noisy flocks of bats are flying towards me from the far end of the sky.

I don't want to hurt them and I can't see a way out of the forest... What should I do?

I wonder if this forest is sustained by someone's magic. Even if a branch is cut off, it seems to regenerate quickly, making the night feel even longer.

Item Detailed Info
No. of Drops: 1
Total Issued Qty: 1
Purchase Limit: MAX 1 per person
Available Period for Purchase: 03-28-2023 03:00 (UTC) ~ 07-31-2024 03:00 (UTC)
Creator: LINALEE