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[2nd Sale] BUNG O PANG Project
[2nd Sale] BUNG O PANG Project
8213 / 9200
Sale Start Date (UTC)
03-16-2023 03:00
remaining period
Item Description

■ Com2uS Group's First Membership NFT
Bung O Pang NFT is a membership type NFT that provides various benefits to NFT holders.


■ Product Details
Com2uS' Bung O Pang, which has been loved by many people with four series produced since its first launch in 2001, is back as an NFT.
Special benefits are provided to the NFT holders, so this is your chance to bake your own cute and lovely Bung O Pang!
Details such as NFT holder benefits, additional benefits by level, and the roadmap are available on the brand page below, as well as on the official Discord and Twitter.


■ Product Sale Details
Sales Period: Mar. 16th 3:00 AM - Jul 7th 3:00 AM UTC
Sales Quantity: 8,504
(A total of 10,000 Bung O Pang NFTs were issued. 900 were initially sold, after excluding airdrops and promotions.
The remaining 8,504 units will be sold this time.)
Purchase Restriction: None (However, you can purchase only one unit per purchase.)


■ Purchase Promotion
- Purchase 1 Bung O Pang NFT during the 2nd sales period to get 10 XPLA in return.
- Payback XPLA that's given from the purchase event will be sent after the sales period is over. (The date will be announced separately.)


[Main Benefits of 2nd Sale Bung O Pang NFT]
✔️ XPLA wheel ticket for holders
→ Spin the wheel every day to accumulate points and exchange them for XPLA
→ Provides more opportunities to acquire XPLA when participating in the wheel event according to multiple holders and NFT ratings
→ More benefits will be provided to Bung O Pang NFT holders

✔️ Various game coupon benefits provided by Com2uS Group
✔️ Offline event invitation (holder party)
✔️ NFT holder benefits will be provided after the game is released
✔️ Priority invitations to events provided by other partners


[Official Channels]
▶Bung O Pang NFT Brand Website:
▶Bung O Pang NFT Reveal Page:
▶Bung O Pang NFT Gallery (View Rarity):

📌Those who are subject to tax and public charges will be notified through a notice after the sales period is over. (Tax and public charges are based on the standard price on the notice date)
📌 Taxes and public charges (22%) will be applied and personal information will be needed if the value of the XPLA that must be repaid exceeds KRW 50,000. If applicable, please complete the form by pressing the link in the message.
📌 If information is not provided during the application period for processing taxes and public charges, XPLA with a value of less than KRW 50,000 will be automatically paid.
📌 The Payback XPLA payment is sent to the wallet you were logged in to when purchasing the NFT products.
📌 Bung O Pang NFT is not a game item NFT, but a membership type NFT built with Bung O Pang IP.
📌 After purchasing Bung O Pang NFT, you acquire a minted item that's before the reveal, therefore no more minting costs are incurred.
📌 Bung O Pang NFT can be purchased in all countries where it is supported. However, certain items, such as real-life benefits supplied as membership benefits or offline events, are only available to residents of Korea; please be aware of these restrictions when making a purchase.
📌 Before the reveal, you do not know what Bung O Pang will be released. The NFT image will change after you reveal directly on the reveal page.
( *B.O.P Reveal Page:
📌 Bung O Pang NFT secondary transactions are available on X-PLANET > Decentralized Market.
📌 You may view details about Bung O Pang NFT on the brand page or via the Discord channel.
📌 Benefits and announcements provided only to holders after the sale can only be viewed when the holder's Discord account has been verified. Please join the Discord channel and validate the holder's account after purchasing NFTs.

Item Detailed Info
No. of Drops: 1
Total Issued Qty: 9200
Purchase Limit: MAX 9200 per person
Available Period for Purchase: 03-16-2023 03:00 (UTC) ~ 07-07-2023 03:00 (UTC)
Creator: Com2us