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Robot Taekwon V Golf : Certificate of Authenticity NFT
Robot Taekwon V Golf : Certificate of Authenticity NFT / ALLVOICE
983 / 1000
Sale Start Date (UTC)
02-01-2023 09:00
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Item Description

ALLVOICE and eco-friendly high-performance (USGA certified) 3-piece eco-ball FAR5
presents Robot Taekwon V Golf's first collaboration project together!


[Robot Taekwon V Golf: Certificate of Authenticity NFT]


■ About the NFT
A special gift that will make you a golfer who dominates the field by continuing the grandeur you felt in the old days!
This is a special certificate NFT presented to those who participated in the first project funding of Robot Taekwon V Golf through Wadiz.


<Go to Wadiz Funding Page>

ALLVOICE is a company specializing in IP commercialization where they plan, produce, and sell intangible content.


Since the company's founding in 2019, it has achieved more than 3.7 billion KRW in sales related to content commercialization.
ALLVOICE plans to introduce more fun and diverse projects in the future.


■ About the FAR5
The FAR5 eco-golf ball presents a perfect rebirth system with a 100% eco-friendly manufacturing method.


As a brand that is already loved by many pros and amateurs golfers who are concerned about the environment,
FAR5 manufactures golfers' favorite 3-piece golf ball with perfect "USGA, R&A Certified" performance.


■ About the Robot Taekwon V Golf
Robot Taekwon V Golf is working with Taekwon V Kids Cafe.

Robot Taekwon V Kids Park is a K-Kids Park representing South Korea and the United States. It's conducting various IP business activities of Kids Park and Taekwon V that many children around the world love.


※ Please Note ※
- The secondary transaction of the holding NFT is only possible through the Decentralized Market of the C2X NFT Marketplace.

Item Detailed Info
No. of Drops: 1
Total Issued Qty: 1000
Purchase Limit: MAX 1 per person
Available Period for Purchase: 02-01-2023 09:00 (UTC) ~ 06-30-2023 09:00 (UTC)